History & Highlights

Sound foundation – Strong team with several years of experience


Various investment opportunities in the technology sector are analyzed. Alpine Equity invests in a company in Switzerland for the first time. Alphacruncher AG defines itself as „The cloud platform for scientific research“.


After many years, Alpine Equity sells its stake in Management Trust Holding to the family of the majority shareholder, thus enabling the company to delist from the stock exchange soon after going private. This impressively demonstrates that a financial investor like Alpine Equity, as an evergreen fund, does not necessarily have to sell after a few years. After a successful company expansion with a multiplication of sales, profit, and cash flow, a company ends up with the entrepreneurial family in the course of a family succession solution.


The participation in the German „Feintechnik“ with a successful exit can be considered a prime example of a successful company transformation. A former East German „state-owned enterprise“ was taken over and rebuilt by a South Tyrolean entrepreneurial family. After the succession phase, Alpine Equity together with a Swiss financial investor took over the company, involved the management, and implemented the internationalization and reorientation. In 2014, the company was then acquired by a US startup (!) in a $100 million deal with the help of US hedge fund Tiger Global. This was worth the headline in the New York Times: „A Start-Up run by Friends Takes on Shaving Giants“. The company had evolved from a designed state-owned enterprise to a family-run business to an investor-led flagship company and finally landed successfully with a hedge fund. Later, the development was even more rapid.


The performance for investors for the last five years, even in the face of the catastrophic global financial crisis including the stock market crash, is in the double-digit range per year after all costs and thus in the range of the total annual performance since its foundation 14 years ago. Once again, Alpine demonstrates that it delivers stable returns for its investors. In May 2011, Alpine Equity won the coveted „European Deal of the Year“ award at the 2011 Buyouts Awards organized by the US publishing group Atlas in New York – incidentally, it was the first award winner in the Austrian private equity industry. The spotlight was on an exit („Amann/Girrbach“) by Alpine Equity to the US financial investor TA Associates. In October 2010 (in the middle of the global financial crisis), this deal had already caused a sensation on the M&A Global Network as „Deal of the Month“ and Alpine Equity was also able to receive the renowned Thomson Reuters Award for the transaction in New York.


Hypo Landesbank Vorarlberg sells its majority stake in Hypo Equity Management AG. Following the management buy-out, the company is wholly owned by the management with Harald Pöttinger as majority shareholder. Since October 2010, Hypo Equity has been operating under the new name Alpine Equity and continues to expand. In October 2010, TA Associates, a global financial investor with European headquarters in London, acquires a majority stake in dental specialist Amann Girrbach. Alpine Equity sells the shares. Since Alpine Equity’s entry in 2003, Amann Girrbach has been able to multiply its sales and profits. Alpine Equity is causing a sensation internationally in the midst of the biggest financial crisis since the 1930s.


The sudden onset of the global financial crisis originating from the USA poses a tough challenge for the portfolio companies of the financial investor. Banks are withdrawing or cutting down fixed credit lines. In addition to the financial world, the real economy is also facing completely unexpected challenges. A very large exit already fixed by the financial investor bursts within a few hours after the bankruptcy of the US investment bank Lehman Brothers. A meltdown of the global financial system is looming. Numerous competitors are forced to leave the market. Alpine Equity succeeds in stabilizing its portfolio and closing deals already in the pipeline despite all the difficulties.


In February 2006, Omer Rehman was appointed to the Management Board of Hypo Equity and, together with Harald Pöttinger, pushed further the expansion as an important equity investor in Austria. Since 2008, Omer Rehman has also represented the interests of the venture capital market in Western Austria on the board of the Association of Austrian Venture Capital Companies (AVCO) and is particularly committed to increasing networking with Switzerland and Germany.

From 2000

In the following years, the investment portfolio develops rapidly. With a unique basket fund concept, the equity financier invests in various fund vehicles, in each of which it acquires significant stakes and operates an active fund management. These include the Vienna Athena Funds with the management company IPO. The investment in the listed Management Trust Holding AG also marks the start of a complex restructuring with subsequent massive growth. Alpine Equity board member and partner Harald Pöttinger plays a key role in shaping the development, first as a board member and finally as a supervisory board member.


With the foundation of Hypo Equity Management AG (as a predecessor of Alpine Equity) in 1999 as well as Hypo Equity Unternehmensbeteiligungen AG in Bregenz, the private equity financier with CEO Dr. Harald Pöttinger positions itself on alternative forms of financing for start-ups and medium-sized companies in the German-speaking region and takes over both minority and majority shareholdings. Reliable shareholders such as Hypo Vorarlberg Bank and Hypo Tirol Bank, leading insurance companies, other banks, and family offices as well as the management provide a solid basis for the new fund.