Investment approach

Growing companies often face a significant need for financing. Ambitions, such as internationalization, product innovation or simply delivering your business to the next level, requires a demonstrated, trusted partner to provide the capital and advice partnership that meets your needs.

Sometimes, capital requirements can often not be met by traditional financial institutions . Furthermore, having the benefit of a partner versed in an ever changing regulatory environment, such as Basel II and Basel II legislation, can help make the difference in overcoming obstacles to growth as part of a holistic approach.

Alpine Equity (HUBAG) invests both a medium- to long-term basis, into small and medium-sized companies. These companies typically show above average growth potential.

Our entrepreneurial spirit is one way we differentiate ourselves from other providers.  We are here to invest and support in you, to facilitate your growth, using a variety of options namely capital, management buy-outs, as well as special opportunities, such as turnarounds.  We pride ourselves on the flexibility we offer businesses like yours, providing further options such as mezzanine capital.