Portfolio companies

Approx. 15 portfolio companies
13 exits

The realization of entrepreneurial goals often demands risk capital (equity). This creates security, confidence in our partnership and increases the company’s likihood of success. In this state an experienced partner like Alpine Equity makes the difference between success and failure.

Innovacell Biotechnologie AG

Innovacell Biotechnologie AG is engaged in the development and application of new cell therapy procedures. These replace damaged muscle and other types of tissue with the help of autologous human stem cells. The innovative therapy concept like urocell® which treats urinary incontinence is currently clinically tested. After the completion of phase III of the clinical study, the requirements for the market approval of urocell® are fulfilled.

Biomax Informatics AG

Biomax Informatics AG has been developing software solutions since 1997. The software enables to structure and connect biological knowledge, gained from complex molecular biological correlations, with experimental data and clinical findings. In the field of Oncology, also the strategic cooperation with the US-based National Cancer Institute positions Biomax as a global leader.

Axess AG

Since its establishment in 1998 Axess ranks among the internationally leading producers of computer-controlled access systems for trade fairs, stadiums, theme parks, swimming baths and public short-distance traffic. Numerous ski resorts in the United States and France were equipped with so-called ‚flap gates‘ instead of turnstiles. The company‘s products can be found in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Designa Verkehrsleittechnik GmbH

Designa Group develops, produces and distributes worldwide computer-controlled access systems with the focus on fully-automated car park management. Services include, besides planning, project management, implementation also the maintenance of the facilities through its globally comprehensive service and distribution network.

Krause Mauser Holding GmbH

This group has positioned itself as a system supplier for complex manufacturing technologies. Business activities range from the delivery of machining centres to complete turn-key production lines. The group operates production sites in Oberndorf (Germany), an R&D department in Vienna (Austria) and a distribution subsidiary in Detroit (US). Major clients are well-known car manufacturing companies and automotive suppliers.

Libro Handelsgesellschaft mbH

Libro Handels GmbH is based in Guntramsdorf (Austria). This retail chain sells stationery for offices and schools (pupils) as well as CDs and DVDs. The company has a comprehensive branch network in Austria and is perceived as the classic local supplier for these items.

Mäc-Geiz Handelsgesellschaft mbH

Mäc-Geiz is a non-food retail chain for household articles and goods for daily needs and was founded in 1994 in Landsberg, near Halle. Mäc-Geiz belongs to the largest household discount stores in Germany. Following a dual-brand strategy Pfennigpfeiffer and Mäc-Geiz are operated as two independent brands.

Pfennigpfeiffer Handelsgesellschaft mbH

Pfennig Pfeiffer is a leading non-food local supplier in Saxony, Thuringia and the neighbouring German federal states. Its product assortment includes school supplies and stationery, household goods, presents and cosmetics. Pfennig Pfeiffer has a network of more than 70 branches as well as 13 franchise outlets.

PAGRO DISKONT – PAGRO Handelsgesellschaft mbH

Pagro is one of the most important Austrian stationery wholesalers and is based in Guntramsdorf (Austria). The first Pagro wholesale warehouse was opened in 1975. The stationery wholesale chain has a comprehensive branch network across Austria.

Management Trust Holding Aktiengesellschaft

Management Trust Holding is the parent company of the Management Trust Holding Group (MTH). MTH is an international group with investments in retail, industry and finance. With respect to retail, Libro, Pagro, eplus, Pfennigpfeiffer and Mäc-Geiz are part of the group. Further investments are Axess, Designa, Krause & Mauser, ilogs and IPO.

Ilogs information logistics GmbH

ilogs information logistics was set up in 2000 and provides solutions for business process management, mobile business and online business platforms. ilogs focuses on the improvement and automation of business processes by intelligent application of IT. The company operates locations in Austria (Vienna, Klagenfurt) and Switzerland (Zurich, Zug).