Amann Girrbach

Amann Girrbach – from a small company to a global player

Amann Girrbach is an Austrian-German based dental manufacturer, which has been supported by Alpine Equity to fund worldwide growth expansion since 2003.  Alpine Equity supervised the initial merger between Amann Dental (Austria) and Girrbach Dental (Germany).  Using this merger as solid platform provided the opportunity for Alpine Equity’s experience hand to deliver rapid development  by creating an international sales force, which was responsible for driving an increase in sales from 7 million euros in 2003 to 46 million euros in 2010.

Facts & Figures


2004 merger Amann with Girrbach.


Investment 2003.

Turnover 7 million  Euros

Strategic aim: international growth and market leadership.

Financing structure

Growth capital for internationalization, R&D and the merger of Amann and Girrbach.

Benefit to the company

Focus of sales department in Germany.

Headquarters, R&D and production facility in Austria.

Set up of international sales structure.

Development of product innovations in the fast-growing CAD/CAM market.


Rapid growth in turnover.

2003: approx. 7 million Euros; 2010: approx. 46 million Euros.


Alpine Equity initiated the exit process after achieving the strategic goal of profitable internationalization.

Alpine Equity successfully sold Amann Girrbach to US-based financial sponsor TA Associates in 2010.