€ 100 million volume

15 portfoliocompanies

Company profile

Since its foundation in 1999, Alpine Equity has built up a high-quality portfolio of dynamic enterprises in sectors of the market with a promising future. We pride ourselves on the successful and long-term partnerships which we have built with our clients and consider this personal interest as a key differentiator for Alpine Equity compared with other equity institutions. With around 15 portfolio companies and an investment volume of €100 million (Hubag), Alpine Equity is one of the leading Private Equity companies in Austria. Alpine Equity invests equity or equity mezzanine in fast growing companies, management buyouts, and is flexible to capture value from special  opportunities, such as succession plans in small and medium sized businesses in Austria.

The investment vehicle Hubag is structured as an evergreen and therefore meets the needs of medium-sized companies which often demonstrate sustained investment over long periods of time. The evergreen structure supports sustainable and profitable growth, which leads to maximum value creation.